im in love with that show. this shit is jokes. give it a chance t.

its a dating show, but naked? lol

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Don’t give up on your writing. You are a creative soul. No matter how frustrating it is.

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I totally feel you because that is how my mama felt with my step sister because every time my step sister in her mama gets into her mama would always send her to our house with out calling her daddy until the last minute but now she is with her mama for the summer she is supposed to come back but she called at 11:30 last night to tell her daddy that her mom want her to go to by her house so she aint coming back my mama was like she did me favor

Wow.. idk I feel like there will always be a bond between the two.. I see it all the time with my brother and his kid’s mother… smh. 


Okay, I’ll type them up and submit them!


dating naked….. really?

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LOL I am to because I swear I didn't know he had song that because out in l.a if you playing to win some tickets from the radio station they play that song ever hour I am have to call in one day and say it would be nice if you drop the artist name before you play the song


Right, I’m all the way in Florida so I found out about him by Single Ladies. His song waiting was played and I’ve been in love ever since then. Same thing with Tinashe I had her mixtape before I knew who she was and now she is all big. I don’t what it is, but I don’t like sharing underground artist with the world. Lol that sounds childish lol! 

I don’t like to share them either.. I was so disappointed with 2 on, because it’s nothing like her other stuff, and it sounds like every other DJ mustard produced song >.>

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It is to help people set up their page. Those are perfect things for me to add to it because character/chapter pages are a huge part of the blog. Thank you for your submission!

Oh you’re the owner of the blog?? I really love the blog, :) 

What’s the reader ideas section about? Is it plot ideas? I have a few of those to give away.

Oh and you’re welcome.. I’ll submit whenever I think of something else!


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9 times. Chris ditched me 9 times this week for his new girlfriend which I’ve yet to meet. I’ve tried to not let it get to me but that failed…”I promise I’ll make it up to you.” He said. I watched him as he was running around looking for his other shoe. “What am I supposed to do today…

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016: Text messages 



Next morning

I rolled over feeling mia not by my side and i quickly sat up. The hell she at? She better not be downstairs cleanin and shit. This girl ain’t been asleep at all and i don’t see how as many times we fucked last night. She should be exhausted. Jogging down the stairs, i…

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that is one of the reason on why I said I wouldn't date nobody with kids because that seems like it is a waste of time

It was HELL. She wouldn’t let him see his son because he was with me… playing on my damn phone.. him feeling obligated to take care of her, because she had his kid.. like.. who needs the stress!?